The Great, Useless Debate!

nye_ham_debateLast night the family and I sat down to watch the Ken Ham vs. Bill Nye (the science guy) debate.  Of course it could have just as easily been called the Creationism vs. Evolutionism debate.  But to me it was more like the Light vs. Darkness debate, and a debate that seemed destined to be a ‘no win” situation, and somewhat useless. Why do I say this?  I’ll tell you.

From the beginning of time as we know it, spiritual forces have been at work.  The forces of evil, darkness have been successfully blinding men from the truth, the light.  And my point is, a debate will not end this situation, or solve the matter, nor will it convince anyone to change their position.  Why?  Because those in the dark, will continue to be in the dark, and believe everything they hear in the dark until light comes.  Some in darkness even turn from the light when it is revealed to them.  Men’s nature tends to draw them to, and feel more comfortable with darkness.  So the debate in my opinion was not that effective, unless it helped some of us “in the light” understand at least partially the arguments we might face from those in Mr. Nye’s camp possibly in the future.

Unless a man is “enlightened” the best argument in the world will not convince him or her.  Men will believe a lie be6fore they will believe the truth, it is part of the madness known as the fallen nature of man.  So what’s the point of it all, really?  Not a whole lot IMHO (in my humble opinion).

Is there any glimmer of light in this whole debate?  Yes, if you’ve read the last chapter of the Book.  We know that our “Way”, and “Truth” (John 14:6) overcomes, and all the debaters and doubters will bend their knee, ultimately, to the one that not only calms the water, but created it.

I love the old and the young, but the in-betweens…not so much!

I have an older client, in her 80’s that I met with today.  She’s a regular client, meaning, I see her somewhat frequently.  She is smart, witty, and always makes me laugh.  I really love that lady.  It made me think about old people in general.  I really like them for the most part.  Oh sure, some are a real pain, but I’ve found that most have a value that cannot be measured in dollars and cents.  It breaks my heart to see some seemingly ignored (at best) or abandoned (at worst) by their children.  What a tragedy.  We should value and honor our elderly.  Give them back some of the love and time they’ve given to us over the years.  Okay, I know, we’re all busy.  But we should never be too busy for those that blazed the trail ahead of us.

As I think about this, I really have a heart for children too.  Innocent, frail, impressionable, ignorant, joyful, precious.  Another commodity that is to be treasured.  It breaks my heart every time I hear a news story about a child being abused, or worse.  Whether it be through abortion, or abuse after birth, we must protect them.  Knowing we cannot be perfect, that still should be our goal as parents, aunts, uncles, friends and relatives of the young.  But it’s not our place to stick our noses into other peoples business is it.  When it comes to children I think it is.

The old and the young, opposite ends of the spectrum of life.  Both precious commodities.  Both to be treasured, honored and protected.  Let’s make sure we do just that.  Don’t worry that you’re not perfect, just do it, and keep trying.

Oh yea, in-betweener’s need love too, but their much too independent typically for me.  Oh wait a minute, I’m an in-betweener.  Please be patient, God isn’t finished with me yet.  And I’ll try and love you too!  🙂


Hello world!

My new blog, woo-hoo!  I hope this will not bore you, but give you insight to things I think about on a daily basis.  My brain sometimes seems to be in overdrive, and so I’ve been thinking, “Hey, why not share some of this deep thinking (hahaha) with others.  If nothing else, my girls may get a kick out of it as they get older, and possibly learn something too.  It may also give them a chance to get to know me a little better, not the silly me that wrestles and tickles them, but the me that thinks about them and their future.  We’re never given the promise of tomorrow, so why not write it down.  For posterity’s sake?  I need to actually look up posterity to make sure I’m using it correctly.  🙂

BTW, this is not going to be just another blog of deep thoughts, I’d also like to share practical things, and geeky things that I learn along the road of life.  So anyway, let me move on here.  Thanks for reading.