The Great, Useless Debate!

nye_ham_debateLast night the family and I sat down to watch the Ken Ham vs. Bill Nye (the science guy) debate.  Of course it could have just as easily been called the Creationism vs. Evolutionism debate.  But to me it was more like the Light vs. Darkness debate, and a debate that seemed destined to be a ‘no win” situation, and somewhat useless. Why do I say this?  I’ll tell you.

From the beginning of time as we know it, spiritual forces have been at work.  The forces of evil, darkness have been successfully blinding men from the truth, the light.  And my point is, a debate will not end this situation, or solve the matter, nor will it convince anyone to change their position.  Why?  Because those in the dark, will continue to be in the dark, and believe everything they hear in the dark until light comes.  Some in darkness even turn from the light when it is revealed to them.  Men’s nature tends to draw them to, and feel more comfortable with darkness.  So the debate in my opinion was not that effective, unless it helped some of us “in the light” understand at least partially the arguments we might face from those in Mr. Nye’s camp possibly in the future.

Unless a man is “enlightened” the best argument in the world will not convince him or her.  Men will believe a lie be6fore they will believe the truth, it is part of the madness known as the fallen nature of man.  So what’s the point of it all, really?  Not a whole lot IMHO (in my humble opinion).

Is there any glimmer of light in this whole debate?  Yes, if you’ve read the last chapter of the Book.  We know that our “Way”, and “Truth” (John 14:6) overcomes, and all the debaters and doubters will bend their knee, ultimately, to the one that not only calms the water, but created it.