Top Five Things To Look For In Your Real Estate Agent


1. Honesty and Integrity: Without these everything else is just smoke and mirrors. How can you find out if you have an agent with these qualities? Check out their website, do they have a bio? Check with the Real Estate commission for you state, are there any black marks on their record? Meet them, shake their hand, ask them questions. Then, what does your gut tell you? Instinct and conscience typically, along with fact checking, will help you here.

2. Knowledge: Do they know your market? Have they done their homework? What evidence have they shown you that they really know their stuff. They don’t have to be a 20-30 year seasoned agent, they could actually be a rookie, but do they know the market, have they shown you facts.

3. Communication and Negotiation Skills: How did they come off over the phone? What about in person? Were they polite? Did they explain things in a friendly, candid manner? Were they confident? These traits go a long way when they are representing you, seller or buyer to another broker or agent. You want someone that will communicate with confidence and tact when negotiating for you.

4. Responsiveness: Have they responded in a timely manner when you have called, emailed or texted them? Good agents are busy, but that does not excuse laziness when communicating in a timely manner. Many a deal have been lost because an agent has not responded in time to get you that house, or secure you that buyer in time.  Sadly you may not pick up on this quality until you’re in the thick of it as they say, so don’t be afraid to call the agent out and let them know you expect them to be more prompt.  As a last resort, call their managing broker.  Sometimes a wake up call is all it will take to let them know you mean business.

5. Connectedness: Okay, is that even a word?  Well it should be.  That’s right, the fifth and final thing to look for in your real estate agent is one that has connections. What do I mean by that? Are they from a tiny firm where networking with other agents is impossible? What’s the track record for their firm? Are they involved civically? Are they a “people person”? Are they enthusiastic? Advertising these days can only go so far, but word of mouth is still be best form of advertising, so make sure your agent has lot’s of ears to hear about your listing (if you’re a seller) or hear about the type of dream home you’re looking for (if you’re a buyer).

Well that’s it! Hope you find the type of agent described here. And I hope to BE that type of agent for every person I deal with. Thank you again for your time. Blessings my friends.

– Steve